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Welcome to Bible Search.  Actually, we have simply provided a link to's resource; "Bible Gateway".  This search engine will allow you to look up references you have found on our site, or simply research things that may have come to mind.   Although Bible Gateway will allow you to search many translations we highly recommend the King James Version, (KJV).  Just click on the link to the left and enjoy!

(Regarding the King James Version, there are many reasons why we recommend this translation, primarily based on the reliability of the texts from which the different translations are derived, the qualifications of the translators themselves and the great care the KJV translators took to use verbiage which correctly reflects the accuracy and specificity of the original Greek and Hebrew texts.  For a more in depth look at this issue please visit our "Which Bible Translation" page.  

God's Word will not return unto Him void, (Isaiah 55:11), so in spite of errors in many translations people are still saved through them.  Much division has been caused over this issue and much time has been wasted that should have gone into learning more about God's will for us and preaching the true Gospel to save souls, which is still present in all the common translations in spite of Satan's efforts.  For that reason we will not dedicate space to this issue beyond that which we already have, and we encourage you to follow along and learn, even if you do so with a different translation. 

In the event you wish to study further on the KJV "controversy" we have provided you with more resources to study this on your own.  To the left we have provided links to James Melton's KJV reference which is full of historical and comparative information regarding the translations.   We would caution you about "divine inspiration" of the translators as that claim has no merit, but after reviewing and checking the information provided you will certainly see that the KJV is the most accurate English translation.  There is also information provided by Dial-The-Truth-Ministries which, rather than discuss the origins of the translations, simply shows you the resulting differences.  Please prayerfully consider what you find here, for the "modern translations" can seriously cloud the scriptures, and in many cases completely change their meaning.  Perhaps at first these differences will seem trivial to you, but given Satan's desire to subtly confuse and distort God's word, these differences are very significant).