Bible3_Ss.gif (37976 bytes)  Colossians 3:17 -And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.

This Web Site is dedicated to glorifying God by uncompromisingly and unapologetically contending for the faith once given to the Saints, preaching and teaching the word of God while also correcting, rebuking and re-proving false doctrines. (Jude 3, 2 Tim 4:2-4)


Be Ye Not Deceived


CHORUS: The door is narrow, the deceivers many, here in this end time.

We’re called to discern, to be aware, the truth is there to find.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived,

What God's prepared for those who love Him, so be ye not deceived.


They make it sound so easy, like there is no cost or obligation.

Just pray my prayer with me and you’ll have instant salvation.

Ask Jesus Christ into your heart and you can start anew.

You’ve nothing to lose, much to gain, it’s so simple to do.


It’s as if Christ’s life, death on the cross and glorious resurrection

Culminated in a power we tap through a recited incantation.

The preacher at the pulpit, on TV or radio station,

Then requests you fund his ministry out of appreciation.


Many say your life will change, your problems will dissolve.

If not, you don’t believe as you should or they would be absolved.

Perhaps more money to show your faith will make your dreams come true.

It’s not that they’re false prophets, the problem lies in you!


They show great signs and wonders, lest you should ever doubt.

But if you would read your Bible, you would find them out.

Jesus spoke of these deceivers, who would come and exploit His name.

They promise health, wealth, salvation and fame.


Taking verses out of context they say you need only name His name

Then God must give you salvation, honoring your claim.

Don’t be fooled. The truth hasn’t been hidden, just take the time to look.

All who seek will find the truth that’s written in God’s book.





Every demon knows Jesus is Lord, and they know why He died.

Salvation is not by acknowledgment of this, that’s over simplified.

Many name the name of Jesus, that’s not hard to find.

To be saved, believe, love, trust in Him with all your heart and soul and mind.


This means every thought and goal in life should be to please the Lord.

Directing us to a relationship with Him is the purpose of His word.

Now of all those pleasantries false teachers say we should expect;

A worldly life of happiness with health, wealth and respect.


Jesus promised none of this to those who follow Him.

In fact by worldly standards our existence here seems grim.

Take up your cross and be prepared to die if you believe.

They despised, rejected, crucified our Lord, how much worse should we receive?


Our treasures are not to be of this world for it shall pass away.

Heaven is where we belong and we look forward to that day.

True Christians are in this world but we’re certainly not of it.

There is nothing here that we desire, nothing here to covet.


When your old self dies of neglect as you turn toward the Lord,

Leaving behind all selfishness as directed by His word,

His Spirit comes into your heart, being reborn is your reward,

Not deserved for anything you’ve done, but given by our Lord.



  opyright: Duane Duncan 10/97


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