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This Web Site is dedicated to glorifying God by uncompromisingly and unapologetically contending for the faith once given to the Saints, preaching and teaching the word of God while also correcting, rebuking and re-proving false doctrines. (Jude 3, 2 Tim 4:2-4)


Recommended Links

Here we have tried to provide links to sites with Biblically accurate information. It has not been possible to completely and thoroughly review each site listed so we must caution you to proceed with discernment. There is a tremendous amount of false information put forth in the name of Christianity by false Christians, (2 Cor 11:3-4), and hopefully none of their sites will be found listed here. By far the most common errors accepted and followed by true Christians are the acceptance and implementation of the unbiblical pastoral system, (1 Peter 5:2), and tithing, (2 Cor 9:7). It is for this reason that we have made special mention of these issues here. It is not that these are the most dangerous false teachings but rather that they are among the subtlest. Christians are expected to examine themselves against the Bible to make sure they are correct so it would be our hope those who are deluded by these worldly deceptions would test what they believe with God's Word, (Rom 12:2). Please don't misunderstand for we are not saying all the sites recommended promote these false doctrines, just that it is something to look out for. Therefore we highly recommend that before you proceed with any of the recommended links you first read:

Why Modern Churches Are Carnal: God's Plan For A Scriptural New Testament Church

The Church: It's Center, Ordinances, Worship and Ministry

The Truth About Tithing


Why This Web Site?

Doing this should aid you in discernment regarding these issues so that you may rightly divide the truth, (2 Tim 2:15), and still benefit from many valuable insights put forth on these sites. So why recommend these sites at all? Again, not all of them have this problem and we feel that even those that do are mostly put together by sincere, honest Christians who have simply been deceived by these carnal delusions, (Col 2:8). They may still offer many good insights into other areas of God’s word. Test all things, regardless of whether they are found on this site, recommended by this site or found anywhere else, (1 Thes 5:21).

With all that having been said, it is our hope that you will find these sites very edifying and a blessing. If you find information that is inaccurate, (beyond the errors mentioned above), which makes you feel we should not be recommending one of these sites, please notify the webmaster; Thank you.

The Berean Call

This resource is highly recommended. I have read nearly every book written by Dave Hunt and can wholeheartedly endorse them. His research is thorough as is his documentation. When I have disagreed with Dave and turned to the Bible for proof I have usually had to amend my view. Dave's books especially sound the alarm regarding the apostasy and delusion of the days in which we live. You will also find resources from other authors on many subjects available through this ministry and their endorsement of these materials is a valuable indicator. There is also a free newsletter which you can sign up for written by Dave Hunt and T.A.McMahon that will be a blessing to you.

Christian News and Views

Another highly recommended site. Author Andy Neckar pulls no punches in honestly and sincerely contending for the faith. You will find many good articles and resources on this site. Andy also has a free email newsletter you should sign up for.

Elk Creek Gospel Center

Another highly recommended site. This is the homepage of a bretheren assembly in Kentucky.  Jim Sparks, (author of the online book "Why Modern Churches Are Carnal: God's Plan For A Scriptural New Testament Church"), is an elder there and is the editor of the website.    


Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

Martin and Deidre Bobgan's ministry is devoted to exposing the false religion of psychology and sounding the alarm regarding it's infiltration into churches that call themselves Christian. I have not read a great deal of their material but what I have seen has been excellent. They are endorsed and promoted by Dave Hunt and the Berean Call. They also have a free newsletter you can sign up for.

Way of Life

David Cloud has poured a great deal of effort into two excellent resources; O Timothy Magazine and Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity. Now, as a Baptist pastor supported by tithing, I needn't tell you his views on the subjects discussed at the beginning of this page, and perhaps it would make a good study for you to see how he defends these views.  As always please remember to verify verses in their original context.  On most other issues I have found these resources to be valuable and accurate. Much of his material is available online at his site. O Timothy Magazine is intended to edify other pastors. His extensive Encyclopedia is available as a computer program.


Bible Believer's Resource Page

I haven't spent much time at this site yet but it appears to be a wealth of good resources on many topics of interest to Christians, particularly on false teachings.  It is presented from a denominational perspective so the aforementioned caveats apply.  I will write more about it after I have taken a closer look. 


The Narrow Way

Brian Snider is the author of "What Would Jesus Do", on this site.   I was thinking of doing an article by this title when I ran across Brian's.  I couldn't have said it better so I got permission to add it to this site.  Visiting The Narrow Way I found all sorts of interesting stories and articles.  I am sure you will enjoy it.


The Bible Believer's Helpful Little Handbook

James Melton has compiled a very convenient resource providing overviews of a wide range of topics of interest to Christians.  Once again we must point out that coming from a denominational perspective there are certain issues that will not be Biblically represented, (tithing, pastoral system), but with those things in mind this is an extremely useful reference.  He has done a very good job of documentation making this a good study guide, with a KJV Bible in one hand.

I have many, many more promising links to review and should be adding more soon, so please check back!


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